• Adam Clark

Spectrim Launches Outdoor LVT

For Immediate Release: December 30th 2020

Bensalem--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Spectrim Building Products/TCM, a total manufacturer and distributor of flooring, millwork, and retail store fixtures TCM today is pleased to announce our companies current and ongoing corporate developments moving into 2021.

Leo Couchara Executive Vice President at TCM/Spectrim said “We realized a need to design a durable product for high traffic areas while maintaining a beautiful look for years to come. We feel confident with our added UV protection, slip resistance, and beautiful color choices, our customers will find a perfect solution for their semi controlled outdoor environments.

Specifically, the Company is planning the launch in Q2 of its Outdoor SPC Click with an outdoor underlayment, UV protectant core, and outdoor film/wear layer. This product is perfect for restaurants, multi -family & Hospitality Corridors without acclimation, or any outdoor space that can add to the aesthetic value. The product has been tested at extreme temperature ranges, and we provide a full coverage warranty. Available in Stone/Wood looking colors, and tile-(12”x24”, 18”x18”, 12”x12) or planks sizes-(7.25”x48”, 9”x48”, 9”x60”).

Features and Benefits of Spectrim Outdoor LVT

  • UV Protection: Wear Layer, Surface Protection, Outdoor Printed Film

  • Slip & Scratch Resistance: A Proprietary mix of UV Protection throughout all layers of the product,, added slip resistance, and a tough and durable Diamond Coating for superior scratch resistance.

  • Outdoor Underlayment: A proprietary and tested outdoor underlayment has been added for superior durability in all weather environments.

  • Thickness: Available in a 5mm, or 6.5mm thickness which includes a 1.5mm Outdoor underlayment.

  • Outdoor Adhesives: Spectrim offers outdoor adhesives that will secure the application of the flooring to the substrate.

  • Colors: Available in stock 40 stone and wood colors. Custom Colors are available upon request,

About Spectrim Floors/Spectrim Building Products & TCM: Incorporated in 1993, manufactures and distributes architectural products in the Healthcare, Hospitality and Multi Family Industries. We are located in a 428,000 square foot facility in Bensalem, PA with over 100 people employed.



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