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Spectrim Finalizes Acoustical Testing

For Immediate Release: April 15th 2020

Bensalem--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Spectrim Floors today announced the completion of testing from Intertek Testing Laboratories of FeatherWalk™ Acoustical Flooring for it’s 3.5mm –(2mm Glue Down with 1.5mm Acoustical Pad) and it’s 4.5mm-(3mm Glue Down with 1.5mm Acoustical Pad).

Testing was conducted in VT test chambers at Intertek B&C located in York Pennsylvania.

“Architects, Developers and Flooring Contractors who are in need of an Acoustical LVT Flooring product with outstanding acoustics, now have the ability to soundproof their environment at affordable price points” said Leo Couchara, Spectrim/TCM Vice president for U.S. and Canada. “Spectrim Floors FeatherWalk™ is an outstanding option for those who want a durable beautiful flooring in stone tile, or planks in a wood veneer aesthetic and need superior acoustical performance and ratings.”

Spectrim’s FeatherWalk™ has been tested for use in Multi-Family Apartments, and a Concrete Floor Assembly for Hotels, High Rises, and Corporate Buildings, with outstanding acoustical results.

Test Results:

ASTM2179: Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of the Effectiveness of Floor Coverings in Reducing Impact Sound Transmission Through Concrete Floors.

  • Delta IIC: 25

ASTME90 &492: Multi Family and Hotel Assemblies: ASTM E 492-09, Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Impact Sound Transmission Through Floor-Ceiling Assemblies Using the Tapping Machine ASTM E 989-06 (2012), Classification for Determination of Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ASTM E 2235-04 (2012) Standard Test Method for Determination of Decay Rates for Use in Sound Insulation Test

  • Multi Family Assembly: with 1.5mm Underlayment Below Gypcrete: STC59, IIC59

  • Multi Family Assembly: with no Underlayment Below Gypcrete: STC57, IIC51

  • Hotel Assembly: Concrete Slab/Drop Ceiling: STC61, IIC68

About Spectrim Floors/Spectrim Building Products & TCM: Incorporated in 1993, manufactures and distributes architectural products in the Healthcare, Hospitality and Multi Family Industries. We are located in a 428,000 square foot facility in Bensalem, PA with over 100 people employed.

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