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  • One Installation

  • Commercial Product Performance

  • Superior Acoustical Ratings

  • Easy Installation

  • IIC as high as 68

  • Exact Multi-Family Assemblies Tested

  • Exact Hotel Assembles Tested

Simply put, using acoustical flooring solves many everyday problems with different types of flooring scenarios.


Price Savings

If you are on a budget and want to eliminate the need to purchase an acoustical pad below your gypcrete, then Spectrim Floors is the leader in this market, and by using integrated acoustics, can eliminate the need to purchase and install an acoustical pad below the gypcrete. Often times, customers will see a price savings versus purchasing a glue down floor and purchasing acoustics and then paying for 2 different installations.

Mobilization of Crews

Scheduling of 1 crew to provide 1 installation of your floors can save time making it easier to complete your build-out of your properties.

Carpet Replacement

In renovations or replacement of carpet, acoustical flooring is the perfect option. In a hotel, carpet cleaning is a constant pain, in a Multi-Family dwelling, when tenants move out, then carpet almost always needs to be replaced. If carpet is replaced with LVT, all acoustics with carpet is lost, and now a new problem occurs with noise complaints. By using Spectrim Floors Quiet Walk™, then carpet can be replaced with acoustical LVT by minimizing loss of acoustics.

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